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What this book says...

The Story of a Man


… not too stupid, not too bad-looking, not too sad, who, in the prime of life, on May 20th, 2004, on Ascension Day, had his life changed forever.


A man who had known…
… "Fame" in sports, top athlete in judo, black belt 3rd Dan, several times Swiss champion with the Judo Kwai in Lausanne, several years on the Swiss team, selected many times internationally (European and worldwide, of which 2 Pre-Olympic selections).
… A happy marriage and the delight of having a son, Sebastien.


… Professional success that allowed him, after obtaining a HES degree in hydraulic engineering and gas installations, to lead and develop a medium size construction company, growing from eight to over fifty employees within twenty five years…


… Political commitment, as town and municipal councilor and chairman.


A man who, accustomed to ski treks and for the first time accompanied by a guide, had a fall into a twenty-nine meter deep crevasse, due to the breakdown of a snow bridge.


As a consequence his life suddenly falls apart:


No more legs, he is paraplegic, condemned by the doctors to never walk again,  a divorce, no more professional life!!!


Health, family and job, three key elements of a man’s life are shattered. Just imagine missing one of those parameters only!


One year lying in bed, without any sensation below the waist, watching and counting the spots on the ceiling. Over four years in a wheelchair, years of fighting, wanting to walk with crutches and simply having  the desire to believe in the future.


A book of hope: "Before letting go, never let go"


In a word: an inspiring and uplifting book about surpassing oneself.

Pierre Massard Golf Club Montreux
Pierre Massard Le livre

Some lines from the book...


"Different outside, same inside"


" to belive that he is stronger than despair."


Pierre Massard


"La passion, c'est sans doute ce qui anime Pierre. Aujourd'hui comme hier. Cette volonté inébranlable de refaire surface, de ne pas fuir le rendez-vous avec lui-même, avec sa vie...Il s'est reconstruit pas à pas, en puisant au fond de lui sa force, mais aussi en s'ouvrant aux autres, en acceptant qu'il en avait besoin."


Didier Cuche

Champion du monde de ski


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